Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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The Clark County Prosecutors Association Endorses District Attorney Wolfson for Re-Election

LAS VEGAS, NV – The Clark County Prosecutors Association represents the prosecutors of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.  After providing all candidates running for Clark County District Attorney an opportunity to meet with the Clark County Prosecutors Association and seek the endorsement of Clark County’s prosecutors, we are proud to announce our endorsement of Steve Wolfson for re-election as Clark County District Attorney.

District Attorney Wolfson shares the Clark County Prosecutors Association’s commitment to furthering public safety and justice for all people in Clark County, Nevada.  That commitment to the residents and visitors of Clark County is the most important consideration for the Clark County District Attorney.

District Attorney Wolfson is committed to securing the necessary funding from Clark County’s government to allow him to appropriately staff the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.  Understaffing is the number one issue currently facing Clark County’s prosecutors.  Understaffing of the District Attorney’s Office has made it more difficult for our prosecutors to accomplish our mission of making Clark County the safest and most just place to live, raise a family, work, and visit.  Clark County’s population has grown to over 2.26 million residents.  In addition, Clark County welcomes approximately 3.5 million visitors every month.    As our population has grown, so has crime.  Last year, Clark County experienced a nearly 50% increase in homicides.   Today, there is nearly the same number of prosecutors prosecuting crime in Clark County, Nevada as there was in the late 1990s.  District Attorney Wolfson recognizes that Clark County needs more prosecutors to serve our community and that understaffing of the District Attorney’s Office has led to excessive prosecutorial caseloads.  District Attorney Wolfson is committed to ensuring that the Board of Clark County Commissioners and the Clark County Manager’s Office recognize this as well.

Like the Clark County Prosecutors Association, District Attorney Wolfson recognizes the importance of diversity within government and has furthered that ideal within the District Attorney’s Office.  Under District Attorney Wolfson’s leadership, women have been promoted to hold the majority of leadership positions within the District Attorney’s Office. This includes women leading two of the three divisions where our prosecutors are assigned.

The Clark County Prosecutors Association endorsed District Attorney Wolfson during his re-election in 2018.  Following that, District Attorney Wolfson led the District Attorney’s Office through the COVID-19 pandemic, during which our prosecutors continued to work to serve the community by addressing crime and the safety and welfare of local children and families.  While much of the country and industry shut down, under District Attorney Wolfson’s leadership our prosecutors continued working hard to protect Clark County, including working with our law enforcement partners to stop the rise in violent crime within the Las Vegas tourist corridor by aggressively prosecuting criminals who hurt innocent people in our community.  District Attorney Wolfson is the right choice for all people of Clark County, Nevada, because he is the right choice for public safety.